This is the most classic range of the OLYMP brand but it evolves regularly and opens up to original products. Products adapted to the professional world, in very different styles from each other. From the most classic to geometric patterns and color stripes. With its different cuts you will necessarily find the one that suits you.

Mr simeon

Chemise Modern fit / Luxor


An OLYMP Modern fit shirt with a comfortable, practical and slightly fitted style and with a chest pocket, it is
perfectly suited to the professional world.

The Modern Fit cut will give you a polished appearance without compromising your comfort, it is soft to the touch and ready to wear without ironing after washing and drying on a hanger or machine.

Chemise Bodyfit / Level 5

Level 5

A young style shirt with a fitted cut, it offers more ease than a "very fitted" shirt but remains close to the body. Once washed and dried on a hanger, it is particularly easy to iron. Characterized by stretch comfort, it allows great freedom of movement both in the office and in more relaxed environments, it is now a basic in the OLYMP range and soon in your wardrobe. In addition to the slimmer fit, the main differences from the Modern Fit range are the introduction of 3% elastolefin for comfort of movement and the removal of the chest pocket.

Chemise Superslim / Nº6


The “super-slim” cut is the slimmest of the OLYMP ranges. It becomes an essential to highlight the featherweight, the filiform silhouettes or the youngest and slender. It guarantees an elegant, dynamic and trendy look. Equipped with a bending at the back and at the level of the waist, it will know how to highlight you if you like your clothes close to the body.


This is a range associated with the business range which offers textile innovations in order to adapt to the constraints of a rapidly changing urban environment. With more "elastic" fabrics, antiperspirant or with temperature regulation for both cold and heat, these shirts offer a subtle mix between technical clothing and work clothing.

Mr simeon

Chemise 24/Seven


The OLYMP shirt from the 24/SEVEN range is as comfortable as a T-shirt and as elegant as a shirt. A very technical material, breathable, flexible, quick to dry and easy to iron.

This range is available on the basis of business cuts (Modern fit, Body Fit, Superslim)

Chemise Dynamicflex


The "Dynamic flex" range is an extension of the 24/Seven proposal. With a breathable, elastic and quick-drying fabric, this range is particularly suitable for business environments subject to a lot of stress or periods of intense rush.
The mix between the comfort of the T-shirt and the hold of the shirt, an absolute modernity!

This range is available with the following products:

  • Jersey
  • shirt
  • polo shirts
Chemise Climate Control

Climate control

The "climate control" range is an extension of the 24/Seven Dynamic flex proposal, this specific range offers a fine structure based on a mixture of high-tech fibers. These lightweight shirts also regulate moisture and temperature.


This is a less formal range, and more
casual dress that generally offers more ease and a longer skirt length
short so you can wear the shirt inside or outside the pants.

Mr simeon

Chemise Modern fit / Casual

Casual Modern fit

The modern fit of the casual range gives a casual look with its somewhat shorter sleeve length compared to business shirts and a slightly rounded hem. This allows the shirt to be worn in the pants or casually over it.

Chemise Level 5 / Smart Casual

Level 5 Smart casual

This cut is the casual version of the Level 5 Business range, fitted and close to the body with two darts in the back, a somewhat shortened sleeve length and a slightly rounded hem. This association makes it possible to wear the shirt in the pants as well as casually outside.

Chemise Nº6 / Oversize

No. 6 Oversize

The OVERSIZE FIT cut is by far the trendiest at the moment. The much more relaxed silhouette, resulting from a larger volume and a slightly shorter length, is thus closer to fashion.

Regular fit

Explorez le style décontracté de notre cette gamme Regular Fit esprit casual. Une fusion parfaite entre les coupes modernes et ajustées, cette collection incarne la modernité et le confort. Optez pour des proportions optimisées dans une coupe régulière, créant ainsi une allure décontractée sans compromis sur le style. Bienvenue dans le monde du Regular Fit, où l'élégance et la décontraction se rencontrent pour un look tendance au quotidien.

Relaxed fit

Explorez la décontraction moderne avec la toute gamme "Relaxed Fit". Cette collection vous offre un message résolument moderne et une coupe tendance. Les proportions optimisées de la ligne Relaxed Fit vous assurent une allure décontractée et détendue, pour un style qui allie confort et élégance en toute simplicité. Découvrez une nouvelle manière de vous sentir à l'aise et stylé avec la ligne Relaxed Fit